This regards those who rent out their apartment or would like to;

Below we have collected the information which is needed to register your apartments according to the new law. In this first email we will only inform you what is necessary to get and what standards they are expecting. The registration needs to be done before the 12 th of may 2016 but we have a year to comply with the fixtures in the apartments. We are going to wait with installing the fixtures until after the summer as the law has not specified really what all the thing needs to be. So we will wait and see if the fixtures will be specified in the following 6 months. We don’t want to put a lot of money in getting you things that will in a later stage change. So we start with the registration.

List of documents you will need to provide in order to get your property registered;

--    Copy of NIE/CIF/DNI and current passport of all owners written in the Escritura

-     Copy of the title deeds of the property

-      Home address in your original country (only if your non-resident if not your other home in Spain)

-      Bank details

-      Owners have to sign a document of Declaration of Responsibility (we will attach it, please sign and send back scanned by email & original by post) If you have an accounting firm already in Spain they might have an electronic ID registered, so please inform us of who you use.

List of Documents we will provide to register your property if you choose us to;

-      Details of rental property

-      License of first occupation

-      Annual property tax receipt (IBI; for many properties we have this receipt in our files if we don’t have yours we will contact you directly)

 If you like our accountant to arrange the registration for you, the cost for this will be 200 Euros plus IVA (total 242 Euros) His Name is Mario Contreras and owns the accounting firm Contreras Asesores in Estepona. He has good contacts with the Town hall and is our new Account Firm we work with. You only need to confirm to us how you would like to proceed. Otherwise you can ask your lawyers or your account firm to do this for you. But all owners will need to register.

When it comes to the accounting side and registering your income in Spain we will send another email as it is too much information in one go. That email should come in the following week.

The following information of fixtures are what we are going to wait with until autumn;

List of items that need to be added to the property:

-      Internet connection WIFI or Fiber Optics (a strong and good internet connection is a must not only by law but as a service to the clients, we would recommend all, if you haven’t already, to install fiber optics) (we have a great offer with Movistar at the moment so if you need it please contact us and we will help you with this?)

-      Air-conditioning hot/cold in all main rooms as a fixed fixture (Most have this already built in)

-      Fire extinguisher & smoke detectors (1/120m2 is 40 euros) (how many depends on apartment or house is 25 euros/each)

-      First aid kit (25 euros)

-      A complaints book & sign where it is in the apartment (10 euros)

-      Spare set of bedlinen & towels for each rental person (we are going through everyone’s linen and towels in May and will inform you individually if you need to compliment it)

-      We will need a folder with all the instruction books (we will collect what you have and print what is needed) (These will depend on how many instructions books you have and how many we need to find online (25-50 euros))

-      Tourist information booklet (we are currently looking up whether this is possible through our website but we also have a booklet prepared if not) (On website for free, if we need to create them it will be 25 euros)

-       You need to keep a copy of the passport of every person staying in your apartment on file (we will do so if we make the booking)

Above is of course things you can organize yourself or partly organize yourself but as we buy in bulk we are trying to get you reduced prices. All the prices above are estimates and might vary as the distributors are not returning our requests promptly but we estimate that the cost per apartment will be 125-200 euros

We look forward hearing from you and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!



HomeCare inform owners about the legislation. If an owner do not register a property, HomeCare does not take any responsibilty for not register or if the owner do not comply with the legislation or do not report any rental income to tax authority etc.


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