Short and long term renting.

You can divide the rental into two groups
- long term rental
- short term rental

It can be difficult to understand what is long or short term rentals. We normally think that a long term rental is 11 months or more.

Short term rental.

The short term rate depends on whether the rental coincides with high season or a Holiday and the time of the year. The rental is usually per week, Saturday to Saturday during high season. Cleaning before and after the rental is included and sometimes also a midweek cleaning. Linen and towels are often included.

Do I need a rental licence

Long term rental.

In long term renting the utility bills like electricity, telephone, water are paid by the tenant. The rates are lower than for short term. Normally more than 60 consecutive days to the same person.

The procedure

When HomeCare have agreed with the customer on price and period we make a provisional booking and await a first payment within a few days. We than reserv the apartment. Full customer payment within 30 days before arrival, bookings through an international rental web site have other payment regulations.


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